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Trying to use Padre to do DW development

I've just got Padre installed under WinXP. The first thing I noticed is that when I open it from the Start menu, I get two windows - one that looks like a command-line popup (mainly in that it's black) and the actual main IDE window with a blank document. Is that normal, and can the blank window be removed?

Secondly, when I try "Open With" on a .bml file, Padre doesn't appear in the list of possible programs. Nor is it in Program Files when I try "Browse". Apparently it's installed itself in C:\strawberry\perl\bin\, despite (as far as I can remember) not having asked me at all about where it should be installed. Can it be made to appear in that list of programs automatically? Also, could an option be added so I can choose where to install it when using the MSI download?

Thirdly, when I do open htdocs/manage/settings/index.bml in Padre, it doesn't have any of the colour-coding it apparently should, according to the screenshots on the Padre website. Any ideas why? Renaming the file to be .pl instead of .bml doesn't fix it, so it looks like it's the actual BML templating that Padre can't cope with. Everything is navy if it's .bml or black if I rename it to .pl - it hasn't even made the comments green.
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Welcome to Padre on DW

This is just a placeholder post so people will know there is something here.

There are several support channels for Padre, the Perl IDE, but I figured it might be interesting to open a community here where DW users can share their thoughts about Padre and can help others who have questions about Padre.

Just to expand a bit on what is Padre and why would that be interesting. Padre is a platform independent editor for Perl written in Perl. It has a very active developer community and we are working on making it on one hand super beginner friendly, on the other hand super extensible for advanced Perl programmers.

So go ahead, post something nice.